Transform Your Dining Area Into a Tuscan Style Dining Room

When it comes to Tuscan style dining furniture, the first thing that most people think of is food and wine. Indeed, Tuscan cuisine is one of the most famed in the world. But for those who do not know, there is also a lot of decorative art and history that goes into making a Tuscan home. One great thing about Tuscan decor is the fact that it uses natural materials like wood, terracotta and even wrought iron to help bring the whole look and feel of the country to life.

Like most countries, the people of Tuscany culture believed in simplicity. So when it came to decorations, you would often find elements like unpainted, natural wood, ceramics and even wrought iron used. If you look at old Tuscan furniture today, you will see many of these elements incorporated into the design. Wood and iron are very practical and durable, and would be easy to maintain over time.

Another way to create a Tuscan space is to use the tones of pink and purple that are so common in this part of Italy. These colors work well together because they add a little bit of a purity to the space, bringing in a sense of childhood innocence. In addition, look for pieces with rounded corners and curved lines. These are reminiscent of the architecture of the old country.

Dishware made from wrought iron is another popular choice for a Tuscan space. For instance, large bowls may be set on tables to serve either dry foods or salads and vegetables. Look for round or oval shaped dishes so they can be used as serving dishes or place on top of a bar stool. Long stem glasses can also be used as a side table, especially if you are looking to create an informal seating arrangement.

One element that is often overlooked in a Tuscan room is the use of the color red. It is important to use light cookware when possible, as the presence of color can draw attention to a particular object in a room. One good choice for a red accent is to have red walls in the dining area. You can choose reds that match in shade. Or, you may want to go with the deep red of ripe tomatoes and red onions on your table.

When selecting dinnerware for your Tuscan room, you will also want to pay attention to the shapes and sizes of the plates. For a Tuscan room, it is important that the tableware is round and rectangular. A square or round tray would not fit with the theme of a Tuscan space. Even a simple table can be transformed into a Tuscan dinette with the right accessories.

When choosing table linens, you can use the same colored table cloth that you use for the dining table. But, look for pieces that have a loose weave. The loose weave will create a look that is closer to woven tapestries than woven sheets. This will help them feel heavier, less like plastic and more like woven paper.

Dishware that is displayed on the dinning area can be a small or large wall piece. You can even hang a few wall hangings to give your dining room a more authentic Tuscan look. If you are looking to create a more open and natural feel in the room, then you might consider having dishholders with open or hanging spouts. You can find many such pieces online or at traditional shops in your area. With the right accessories, you can transform your dining area into a Tuscan style dining room.


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