Tuscan Kitchens

Using a Tuscan kitchen design is an ideal way to bring a little bit of Italy into your home. With its lovely rolling hills and the art, pottery and tile that are so prominent in their culture, it’s no wonder that many people think of Tuscany when they think of Italian kitchens. There are many great Tuscan kitchen design ideas for your kitchen that can make your whole space feel like it was built just for you. From the rich colors and intricate detailing on your tiles to the rustic fixtures and old world appliances that are so characteristic of this culture, there are many ways that you can bring the flavor of Tuscany into your home.

tuscan kitchens theme

First, you need to use your imagination when thinking about the design of your space. Think about the colors that are in your kitchen; are you using dark or light paint? Do you want your kitchen to feel open and wide, or is it compact and closed off? Think about the various shapes that you have to work with in your space; is your kitchen round, square, or rectangular? These are all important factors to think about when designing your Tuscan kitchen.

Next, when it comes to creating a Tuscan kitchen, the use of heavy ceramics along with stonework is very common. Many times, your floor will be made out of stone, and your walls will be made from plaster. You may even use large pieces of furniture, such as a long table and chairs, along with a long farmhouse table on one side of the room and an old oven on the other. The stonework in your kitchen will be very ornate, and the material used on your countertops will be either earthenware or wrought iron.

Another way that you can create a Tuscan kitchen design is by using lots of rich hardwoods throughout your kitchen. You can go with a very dark and heavy wood such as oak, or cherry wood. You can also use various colors for your hardwoods, such as beige, gray, or a nice mixture of colors such as purple, gold, and copper. A lot of Tuscan cabinetry is also created with wood, so you can expect to see plenty of woods used in your kitchen. Your pots and pans will also be made from hardwoods.

Once you have your basics in place, you can start to actually create a Tuscan kitchen design. For example, if you use hardwoods for your countertops and kitchen worktops, then you can add a lot of rustic distressed paint to those areas. Use a lot of aged wood shavings on the backsplash of your kitchen. If you have a lot of unpainted surfaces in your kitchen, then why not stain them. This way, when the stains are dry, they will look like the real wood that was used in the past. You can create a lot of depth with this method.

Another way to create a Tuscan theme in your kitchen is to use dark and heavy unpainted distressed woods along the walls. This will give a very aged effect to the room and will create a very inviting and warm atmosphere. You can also find a lot of wrought iron furniture available, as well as lots of metal wall decor. In fact, metal is one of the most popular ways to decorate with this style of kitchen.

Once you have your basics in place, you can then take the next step and create a Tuscan style table. One easy way to do this is to use a glass top table, with a couple of long chairs surrounding it. This will be a perfect setting for a meal, and you can get really creative with the accessories that you use for your table. For example, you can place cutouts of animals along the chairs, and you can even place flowers in small dishes along with your food.

The last thing that you can do to create a Tuscan theme in your kitchen is to paint the walls in rich yellow, or red. You can use warm chestnut or spice colors for the walls, as well as various shades of blue. The best thing about using these colors is that they are very natural and do not have the strong overtones that many other colors tend to have. Instead, they are more inviting and friendly looking.