Build Your Own Spanish Style Bathroom

spanish style bathroom

Build Your Own Spanish Style Bathroom

Many people are opting for the distinctive Spanish style bathroom these days. A well-appointed bathroom with all the necessities of a comfortable bathing space creates the ideal mood for rest and relaxation. In today’s high-fashion trend, homeowners are going for bolder colors and unique accessories. You can bring in the beauty of Spain right at your home by going for a unique bathroom makeover. Here’s how:

Tile is an important component in Spanish decor. It adds an ethnic touch that can’t be duplicated in other colors or styles. Plus, tile is easily imprinted onto any surface by using the right adhesive and grout. Tile and shower walls are also wonderful places to create a charming, luxurious ambiance by approaching the designing artfully. Try something vintage or modern, such as hand-painted Spanish tile on wooden or cement blocks for wall tiles or painted ceramic tile on colorful shower walls.

Another popular touch you can add to your bathroom is art. Paintings, especially large-scales ones, along with oil paintings can brighten up your bathroom’s look. Aside from making your bathroom more captivating, these pieces can serve as excellent conversation starters. If you have a painting in your house, then consider displaying it on the bathroom wall. Other bathroom ideas incorporating Spanish style include framed photos, ceramic or terracotta tiles, and art prints.

Colorful ceramic tiles can be used on the floors, walls, and even ceilings. These are ideal as they are both affordable and durable. Choose hues such as orange, red, yellow, green, blue, and mocha, which are known for their versatility and rich shades. You can also choose light-colored ceramic tiles to reflect the light coming from the bathroom window.

A small refrigerator or ice box placed at the end of the counter can be enough to store your small refrigerator items and a few essentials in case you need them. A white countertop can go well with the theme as well as the colors you pick. For added decoration, add art pieces and framed photos on the walls. As a nice touch, add spares of red and white candles to provide a romantic and rustic feel to the Spanish bathroom.

A glass door or two placed on either side of the shower area can help soften the look of the room. If you want to add elegance, go for a two-toned frosted copper metal that blends with the walls. If you prefer more of a tropical feel, pick out light-colored mosaic tiles and light blue-green corals. Make sure you cover the floors with matching light colored flooring so that the Spanish style bathroom will have an element of depth.

When it comes to choosing the right tiles to go with your Spanish bathroom shower area, you have a lot of options. Go for a traditional dark color like black or dark brown for the walls. Lighter colors such as white, yellow or even beige can be used for the trim and moldings. Mosaic tiles come in different geometric patterns so that you can use them to create interesting textured designs. Alternatively, you could use colorful patterned tiles that come in various shapes and sizes.

For the sink and tub area, ceramic tiles are best because they are durable and easy to clean. You can choose from a circular or the more popular rectangular shape. For the rim, you can opt for more colorful patterned tiles or solid ones. For the upper half of the walls, you may want to stick with tiles that match the bathtub or tub area. Finally, you need to think about the fixtures that you are going to install in your bathroom. If you’re not into having glass shower doors and have a rather large bathtub, you should choose a wall mounted or standing bathtub.