Decorating Ideas for Using Tuscan Decor in Your Home

When you want to add a touch of elegance and rustic beauty to your home, consider wall art that is “Tuscan.” The colors, materials, and scenes used in this type of decor are timeless. This style is often referred to as country western or Old West. In fact, there are several artists who specialize in Tuscan wall art. Some examples include: Jerry Banks, Frank Pietronigro, Joe Caparo, and Donato Carnevale.

To achieve Tuscan decor, it’s important to choose wall art and accessories that have a simple, aged look about them. Examples of these pieces include vases and bowls, platters, dishes, and copper and iron wall decor. Wall hangings, such as wall murals and paintings, are another popular choice. Murals are painted images that can be hung on the wall and can feature animals, landscape scenes, and people. Examples include: The Madonna and Child with Saints, Star above the Heart, Dancing in the Gardens of Eternity, and Autumn Leaves.

Iron wall art is also popular in Tuscan decor. Examples of iron wall decor include: Iron Chair – Murano, Iron Table and Iron Footstool, Iron Artichoke, Rustic Murano Sconces, and Iron Cottage Garden Tree. Wall sculpture is another popular type of Tuscan wall decor. Examples include: Ancient Roman Statue of Artemis, Arch of Triumph, Ancient Roman Statuette, Wooden Footstool from Palazzo Reale, Painted Wooden Children’s Furniture, and Sculpture of Ancient Gods.

You can bring the beauty of Tuscan decor into your home by using a variety of floor coverings, too. Floors that feature earthy tones, such as sand, brick, and ceramic tile are often featured in Tuscan decor. Decorative rugs and pillows featuring knotty designs or florals are another way to add a touch of Tuscan art to your interior decor. You may even find wall hangings or sculptures of Tuscan animals, often found in the form of wall murals or on statues and pottery.

Tuscan decor is evident throughout the home in the way it is used not just in the walls but also in the decorative doors, tables, and ceramics. For example, you may find a beautiful wrought iron candle holder on a wall in the kitchen. In addition, if you have a rustic stone countertop in your kitchen, you may find a stone candle holder on the wall, which would be an ideal way to highlight the contrast of dark wood and light-colored tile. If you have a Tuscan kitchen, then you are probably well aware of the use of color in Tuscan home decor, as most kitchens are painted a light pastel color.

One of the most important things to remember when looking for wall art is that it should include natural materials. This is important because the wall art is the first thing that people will notice about your home. As such, it needs to be something that meshes with the rest of the room’s furnishings. It is not necessary to purchase a large piece, especially if there are several smaller wall decor pieces that you can combine to create a one-of-a-kind look. Smaller wall decorations can include terracotta tiles, wooden plaques, or even an ancient Roman column. The possibilities are almost endless!

Another important element to keep in mind when planning out your Tuscan wall art is that you should keep in mind the theme of the rest of the house. For example, if you have a more traditional home, then you should probably choose wall art that incorporates elements of reds and yellows. The earth tones that are often found in Tuscan decor can also be used in other parts of the house, such as in a children’s bedroom. For a more modern space, however, you will want to choose wall art that uses blacks, whites, and earthy hues. In addition, you should also make sure that the wall decor accessories that you use coordinate with the wall art and the other items you already have in the space.

Another great way to bring the Tuscan decor style into your home is to hang up many wall art pieces in one large grouping. This is best done when you are decorating a larger wall area such as a hallway or a window. You can hang up several pieces on each side of the doorway so that it looks like you have three stories in the space. You can also decorate with wall art in the bedroom by hanging up several different pieces on each side of the bed. Remember that Tuscan decor is all about the textures and colors you choose to incorporate into your home, so plan your room first and then begin adding in your decorative accessories.