Exterior Features of Mediterranean Homes

For all of the Mediterranean atmosphere, you will find one thing common to Mediterranean homes: the use of wood and stone for exterior accents. Many of these homes are in locations where the look of wooden outdoor living can be very pleasing. The materials used will vary depending on location, but you can get a feel for what you can expect with a few basic materials. These choices will give you an idea as to just how lavish can be when you design your Mediterranean style home.

Wood is usually used for the roof of most of these dwellings, whether it be a simple adobe roof or a Spanish mission-style roof. These types of wood can have a warm look, one that makes you think of the warm weather and the beaches. This look can go on to the entire home, including the walls and floors, giving your outdoor area the look of something out in the country.

Stone can be very lovely in many settings as well. You can get a look that has a Mediterranean look to it that will look like it was custom built for your property. There are many great looks you can achieve by using this material, and you can even choose to have the stone come in many different colors. This type of look is more contemporary in nature, yet still gives you the look of being homey.

You can find Mediterranean style homes that will have a front entry that is decorated with a wall fountain. Fountains often bring a Mediterranean look to an outside space. They can be large and elaborate, or they can be very simple and unobtrusive. There are so many choices you have when it comes to choosing this type of feature, so you will have no problem finding one that fits right into your budget.

One of the best features you get with many of these homes is that of the gazebo. Gazebos are perfect if you want to add some Mediterranean ambiance to your outdoor living area. These are very popular, especially in places like New York and Chicago. A gazebo can be very romantic, or it can be just a great way to sit and enjoy nature. The options are many.

One other thing you can get with Mediterranean style homes is a great swimming pool. If you love to swim often, then this may be something you are interested in. The Mediterranean pool look is really popular in homes all over the world. You can get a small or large swimming area, depending on how much money you want to spend, as well as the design and layout of the pool itself.

In addition to these external features, you can get a number of different accessories for your Mediterranean style home. Some of them are very modern, while others are more traditional. You can get exterior lighting, which can give your home a unique look. You can also get exterior furniture, which is very common in this type of home. There are many different types of wood available for these, as well as various types of metal.

It can be fun to create the look you want for your Mediterranean home. Many people like to use wood furniture, as it can look very rustic, while at the same time provide a touch of class. Choose a nice cedar table and chairs, and use a few plants to add some color and texture. You can use stone floors around your Mediterranean home, as well as lots of brick. These will help give your home the feeling of permanence and make it stand out from the many other homes in the area.