How to Make a Tuscan Style House

Are you thinking of decorating your home in a Tuscan style? This could be an excellent idea, especially if you are planning to buy a Tuscan style home. The reason why a lot of people want to have a Tuscan decor is because it offers a warm and rich ambiance. Since the time of the ancient Romans immigrated to Italy, the Tuscan culture has already been ingrained into the Italian landscape. And because of this, the culture has managed to transform not only the architecture and the materials used for building houses but also the cooking and the way people eat.

tuscan style house

If you want to apply the Tuscan design style into your home, the first thing that you need to do is to look for designs that have been inspired by the Tuscan countryside. In fact, there are a lot of different elements that you can incorporate when you design your home in this particular design style. You can use wooden beams as the main feature of your floors and use stone pillars as the face of your ceiling. Aside from that, you can use elements like wrought iron, copper, brass, tiles, mosaics, and tiles as the primary elements of your walls.

Another way that you can use to design your Tuscan house is by using a rustic and Tuscan kitchen. For your kitchen, you can choose to use natural materials like ceramic or marble for your countertops and stoneware for your pots and pans. Stone, ceramics, and glass bowl are also some of the other items that you can add to your kitchen. You can choose to paint your kitchen with a light-colored shade so that it would be able to complement the rest of your house. If you are going to use a lot of tiles, you can have them lined up against the wall so that it would look like a natural art gallery.

Flooring is very important when you apply the design style of Tuscan. It is best to use hardwoods like oak and teak for your flooring. The tiles that you will be using on your floor should be in shades such as ivory, cream, and beige. In the bathroom, you can use bath tubs with colorful designs made of natural stones like sandstone or marble.

A lot of Tuscan homes are built with the use of stone flooring, which is one of the most common materials being used for their flooring. If you want to make your own flooring, you can use different types of stone and you can even find different colored stones in the market. As for the tiles, you can use wood in the form of oak, but if you want something that is more durable, you can use marble or clay tiles.

Iron is also another important material that is used in the design of a Tuscan home. When it comes to doors, you can use wood to make them or you can choose to use wrought iron. You can paint these doors in the right color so that it matches the rest of the design. For your walls, you can use wood in the form of painting or stucco.

Another furniture that you can add in your house to create a Tuscan style is the vases and decorative dishes. You can place them in the dining room or in the kitchen. You can use ceramic tiles for the floors. The wall decor of a house can depend on the colors that are used for the floor and the walls. For example, a dark red rug can be used in the kitchen. In addition to that, metal wall decor is also a good choice for your home.

Other than using colors to make a house look like a Tuscan style one, the use of textures is also a good idea. This is because in the country, people use soil and other earthy materials in order to provide a rural feel to their home. So you can use textures in your house to give it a Tuscan look. You can add pine furniture, ceramic tiles, and other earthy materials in your house in order to make it a Tuscan style house.