Interior Design Styles – Spanish Style Interior Design

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Interior Design Styles – Spanish Style Interior Design

Many people dream of a beautiful new, authentic Spanish kitchen, complete with a Spanish interior design touch. While it is possible to acquire and enjoy the charm of Spanish furnishings and items in the USA, the cost of moving there can be prohibitive for many people. That’s where the Internet can help. Now you can purchase beautiful Spanish kitchens from all over the world for less than you would believe. The money you save on your home improvement project could be put toward a vacation or something else – it’s up to you.

Spanish exterior decorating can be achieved in many ways, but the style is always Spanish. Start with a clean slate, so to speak. When you are selecting your materials, keep in mind that the colors you choose will have an effect on how you want your house to look. You should choose colors that are warm and inviting, similar to those used in the Mediterranean. Warm colors are often associated with Mexican, while cool colors are associated with Spain and the Spanish countryside. Spanish exterior colors can be mixed to create very interesting effects.

There are a number of different styles that can be utilized in the creation of your Spanish interior design project. For instance, one might consider a “torture and anguish” style. This style is meant to evoke thoughts of old-fashioned Mexican hacienda. Dark colors and accents of red are usually indicative of this style. A ranch house might also embody this look, with its worn and rotted doors and windows. Cottage-style homes, on the other hand, exude a cozy atmosphere.

Another type of Spanish interior design is called “postmodern”. This style is typically associated with contemporary artists and musicians of the 20th century. Bright colors are common and elements such as steel are found throughout the home. Elements such as rounded rectangles, square boxes and circles are typical. Streamlined styling and geometric patterns are prevalent.

“Minimalistic” design is another popular style, which attempts to keep the structure of the home simple. Bamboo, for example, is common in the construction of this design. Simple patterns, like squares and rectangles, are often used. Floors are generally made from concrete and glass is sometimes added.

One final style of Spanish interior design is called “boats”. This style is perfect for those homeowners who live on the coast or who enjoy boating. This style is very oceanic in nature. Brightly colored patterns, like seashells, are common. Furniture is normally made of rattan. Accessories likeautical map holders and clocks are found throughout the house.

Other common elements of this type of interior include tropical plants, for both indoors and out. Plants that grow in water, such as palms and water lilies, are very common. Wallpapers featuring water are also common and may feature sea scenes or animals.

As you can see, there are many different elements that go into the development of a Spanish interior design. Colors tend to be deep and vibrant, much like they are in Mexico. Furniture tends to be lightweight but durable, while fabrics are usually heavy and rich in texture.

In addition to using these basic elements, designers often choose to integrate others depending on the individual’s tastes. For example, rustic elements are common in this style of design, such as Native American pottery, stone, and leather. Furniture is often either natural, such as wrought iron, or painted, such as redwood. Textiles, whether heavy or light, are another common focal point in many homes.

The Spanish design style can be used to create just about any type of interior design you want. Because it is so flexible, a lot of different themes can be applied. You don’t have to stick to one theme, as seen with other types of design, but you do have to take into consideration your own personal preferences. If you want a more modern look, for instance, you would probably want to use elements from the Spanish design style.