Bring the Tuscan Culture Into Your Home Using Tuscan Decor Colors

Although there are many different types of color schemes that can be utilized in designing a Tuscan kitchen, one of the most prominent is the use of dark and heavy color tones. These tones are often found in nature, particularly in the greens, blacks, and browns that can be found in the soil and plants of Tuscany. To create a Tuscan space, the use of these darker tones is both subtle and powerful. In fact, it is best to use these dark tones as the main colors of the room, rather than using any lighter hues.

One way that you can use these darker hues in your Tuscan decor is in your bathroom. Dark walls with a deep black and red rug are the perfect backdrop for a Tuscan style bath. Not only will the color palette have an amazing effect on the look and feel of the bathroom, but the deep tones will help you achieve a very peaceful and relaxing environment. For an even more dramatic effect, add some dark wood trim and a wall sconce to the bath.

One of the favorite Tuscan decorating themes is that of the woods. There are several types of woods that are perfectly suited for creating a Tuscan space, including oak, walnut, and pine. Once you have chosen your woods, you can bring them into the kitchen and use them in any number of ways. For example, if you have an oak work table in your Tuscan kitchen, you can stain or paint it in a dark brown to bring out the rich color of the oak. You can then use iron accessories, such as a wrought iron pot rack, to line the walls of your Tuscan kitchen with this same brownish red color.

Another way to bring the outside of your kitchen into the inside is with some great Tuscan kitchen decor accessories. For example, you may choose to add some baskets on an iron stool. Instead of using the traditional wicker baskets that you might see in a French kitchen, you can use woven baskets that have an Italian design. You can even find some made from wrought iron, which would be perfect for an old Tuscan farmhouse. The baskets can be displayed on the iron stool, or you can choose to mix and match the baskets in your Tuscan kitchen decor accessories.

Dishware that is based on the Italian style is also easy to find. While you can certainly use any type of dishware that you have in your own home, the true Tuscan look is brought to life when dishes are set in an old-fashioned metal rack and used for eating. You can even use old metal spoons with their forks attached to create the same effect. This is just one way to bring the outdoors into your own kitchen.

Accessories can easily be found that will match the decor of your home. For example, wrought iron candle holders would go nicely in a Tuscan home. Wrought iron is usually associated with the old country, but it also goes well in modern decor. You can find many different types of wrought iron, and the designs can easily be mixed and matched. You can even use paint to create a Tuscan decor effect in your bathroom.

Another way to bring Tuscan kitchen decor into your own home is by using warm and inviting colors. Tuscan decor is rich and is best experienced when it is wallspiled with wood, and the furniture is earthy and leather. This type of environment is one of the most inviting in the world, and you can feel this immediately when you enter your Tuscan home. When you are decorating in Tuscan style, you will want to bring this richness out of every piece of furniture, and into your kitchen as well. A wood burning stove is a great way to accomplish this, and if you already have a stove or stoves in your kitchen you can choose to add a Tuscan accent to it.

Tuscany decor will bring a wealth of knowledge and history into your home, and the possibilities are endless. There is nothing like bringing a Tuscan home into your life, and you can easily do so by choosing the right color scheme, a few carefully chosen accessories, and a rich and comfortable kitchen. With just a few changes, you will be able to turn your kitchen into a haven from the outside world. Don’t forget to make your experience of Tuscan decor exciting, and you will soon know why so many people love this style of decor!