Ideas For Tuscan Decor

Many people don’t realize that a big part of Tuscan design is the use of earthy, rustic colors and furnishings. This is one of the reasons that Tuscan decor has become so popular. Many people today are redecorating their entire homes to look like they once did, but many aren’t taking the time to consider Tuscan decor. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tuscan style furniture and home decor, there is a very good chance that you could use some of these ideas to redecorate your home. The next time you’re looking for a way to incorporate some of this wonderful style of decor, it might be worth looking further into it.

First of all, a lot of modern Tuscan decorating ideas incorporate earth colors. For example, one of the most common colors used in Italian design is pale yellows and oranges. These colors are very much “in the breath” of Tuscany. If you have some Tuscan period pieces of furniture in your home, chances are that you’re also going to have some earthy colors mixed in with the rest of your modern Tuscan decorating ideas.

One of the things that you’ll find with many modern Tuscan style homes interior com is that there are a lot of woods used. Many times dark woods such as pine and oak are used, with other darker woods like hazel and mahogany coming into play as well. When you combine this with a rustic feel like the kind you can get in Italy, you end up with an interesting mixture of color and texture. For example, one of the walls of many traditional Tuscan style homes will have a lot of vertical wood, while the other walls will have horizontal wood panels. You’ll often find a good amount of paneling in the middle of the room, as well as wooden shutters or a few large windows. The type of window treatments you use is really up to you and what sort of effect you want.

Another element of Tuscan interior designs that you’ll find is lots of terracotta tile art in the form of tiles. In fact, most people think of terracotta when they think of Italian Tuscan wall art. This is because the material is so readily available and easy to work with. Artists love to use this material, and it makes for some of the most beautifully detailed and colorful art that you can find. If you have some old tiles that have been damaged but can’t be thrown away, bring them to an art restoration company.

Probably one of the most important elements of Tuscan decor that you have to focus on is the use of interior doors. In many cases the entire house is painted in a warm earthy color, but the interior doors are usually a little darker. These give the house a warm look, but also help to block out light. Most often you will find Tuscan interior doors made of terracotta, although there are some wooden doors that are also used. Many times you can find that the interior doors are framed with either copper or iron.

Another way that you can create a Tuscan home is to pay attention to the way that the floor is laid out. Many times in modern style homes the floors are not finished. Instead, they are simply cracked and flicked with an old world flair. In a Tuscan home, however, the floors will be properly finished and may even include some earthy tones. This is done not only to add a rustic touch to the decor, but also to allow for more natural light.

Another thing that you should pay attention to when decorating in a Tuscan style is the lighting. Many times people will choose to use lamps that have a southwestern feel to them. The lights can easily be found around the home in old wood or on the walls. You might even find a wall sconce that has been painted in a Tuscan style. With all of these things available, you will have no problem coming up with some great Tuscan decor ideas.

If you really want to get the Tuscan look, then it would be best if you used some brass pottery. For example, you could find some large metal platters that have been painted in a Tuscan style. For a real touch of the old world, you could use some wooden spoons that have handles and a rustic looking spout. As you can see, using old world Tuscan wall art and accessories is the easiest way to bring the timeless beauty of this culture into your modern home. Give your space a Tuscan feel with some well thought out and beautiful Tuscan wall art decor.