Ideas For Decorating A Tuscan Bathroom

If you want to give your bathroom a luxurious look, then you must use the right accessories like Tuscan decor pottery and wall paintings. These accessories will make your bathroom appear rich and sophisticated. For instance, a large ceramic sink is an excellent choice. However, if you have a limited budget for your home decoration, then you can use a natural stone or an antique porcelain sink.

If you want to use an old terracotta tile as a back splash for your tub or for your wall, then this is an excellent option. You can also use ceramic tiles for your bath tub or the walls and floors. The most popular Tuscan decor pottery is terracotta.

Another important element for decorating your bathroom is the wall painting. This is especially important if you are using an image like the mask used in ancient times. If you are looking for a more modern and simple wall painting, then you should go for paintings on canvas or prints. In case you do not want any sort of theme for your decor, then just use a large painting or even a painting on the wall. If you have a nice Italian pottery, then you can simply use it to decorate your wall.

Tuscan decor has a very calming atmosphere so that is why this style is perfect for a relaxation bathroom. If you are planning to use a Tuscan inspired bathroom, then you should make sure that the lighting fixtures and the color of the paint is such that it brings in the ambience of the Tuscany region. The most important aspect in designing your space is the flooring. If you have a lot of visitors then you should have marble flooring. Flooring that is either in terracotta or marble will add an elegant and classy touch to your bathroom.

Next in designing your bathroom is the accessories. For example you can have an old-fashioned wash stand to add a rustic charm to the space. It is always good to have old fashioned furniture around especially when you are decorating your own space. You can also buy ceramic or terracotta pots as well as various dishes and candle holders that will add to the Tuscan decor.

Tuscan decor also includes the wall hangings and paintings that you will need. These may include vases with flowers, various pottery items and even a Murano Glass tile. You can also opt for an abundance of towels and baskets that are intricately decorated. You should also opt for candles that are made of Murano glass. For your bathroom, you can also get a rack for your aftershave and foot cream which will definitely give you a Tuscan feel.

Furniture such as the toilet and the vanity should be just right. For a complete Tuscan look, you can also include a richly carved sink and wooden Italian top. When it comes to the fixtures and fittings, you will need to choose items that are bold and dark. This is so because dark and heavy fixtures are a typical characteristic of Tuscan decor. It is advisable to avoid using modern designs for a Tuscan space as these may become commonplace in a more modern setting. Metal is also a good choice for your bathroom decor as it can easily stand up to the amount of water that it will be exposed to.

A popular thing to use in Tuscan decor is terra-cotta plant pots which are placed on top of mirrors. This adds a sense of size to the space. This is one of the main things that you should keep in mind while decorating your bathroom. You should also pay attention to the colors that you use as they play a very important role. This way, your bathroom will become more appealing and inviting.