Tuscan Decor Ideas

You may be thinking that rustic decor is a bit too “backwoods” for you and that a more “modern” look is more appropriate for your decor. The good news is that the style of rustic is one that is very adaptable. It can fit in with any type of interior, from modern to rustic. Just because you choose rustic decor does not mean you have to stay with the basic log cabin or cottages of the past. In fact, you can expand the rustic style to include all of the natural elements found in the deep woods and rolling hills of Tuscany.

When planning your Tuscan decor, the key is to create a cozy space that still has the warm natural tones of wood and stone. Bright, bold colors such as orange, reds, yellows and browns are often used in the rustic style to add a touch of southern charm. Tuscan decor also looks best when painted in soft pastel colors, as the natural wood tones will appear more timeless. Wrought iron candle holders, large rustic mirrors and woodcarvings along the walls are all ways to add the Tuscan ambiance into your space. If you don’t have much wall space, place vintage pillows on the floor or on an old sofa.

Another way to add the Tuscan atmosphere is to use authentic pieces of furniture, ceramics or pottery. You may want to choose items that have some Tuscan elements such as a long wood table or a wrought iron coffee table. You can find several different kinds of tables that are handcrafted from local wood sources. Wooden frames with open spaces are perfect for adding the natural elements of the rustic space. If you are looking for a coffee table, you might consider one that has open shelves, a mosaic top or one that is made of metal. Many people choose these kinds of rustic coffee tables because they are simple yet stylish.

Another way to bring the Tuscan style into your home is by using natural wood in your furniture and accents. Use wooden plaques for displays, shelves and other items that you would normally display on your dining room table. If you are looking for a great way to add some flare to your space, consider displaying an Italian bistro table on your dining room table. This table is made from natural wood that has been painted in the rich colors of the Italian countryside. The intricate detail of the legs and spindle designs on this table will look stunning when it is displayed on your dining room table.

Dishware such as copper and iron are great for adding another layer of rustic Tuscan decor into your space. Choose dishes that are displayed on the rustic spindles of the table. If you are looking for a particular type of dishware, look for one that is made from local materials. For instance, an antique dish rack could be made from an old-growth tree and chipped granite is an ideal material for a serving tray. Wrought iron candle holders can add a charming touch to any room of your home and wrought iron candelabras are another rustic accent you can use.

Accents such as paintings and prints can be a great way to break up the rustic look and create a very warm Tuscan environment. Paints are especially suited to this type of decor because they are airy and allow you to see the intricate details of the painting or print. The painting you choose should also have an abundant amount of detail as the texture of the paint makes for an excellent way of emphasizing the painting. You can add small ceramics or candles to the artwork you choose to hang on your walls to further highlight the rustic appeal of the room.

The lighting in your home should be rustic and inspired by the nature and landscapes of Tuscan Country. If your ceiling lights are in wood or metal then this is a perfect way of bringing the natural beauty of Tuscan design into your home. The use of candles in the room is optional but can really add to the ambiance and romance of the rustic style. You can purchase real candles made using wax or soy wax from local craft stores and simply melt the candle wax in a pan over a campfire. Once the wax is done it can be poured into a mold and shaped into any shape and size before being lit.

You should also use the colors of red, orange, yellow and green to palette your room. These colors are known to be the colors of the sun and also reflect the warm tones of the natural landscape found in Tuscany. Using warm colors like these along with dark rustic wood flooring will create the perfect Tuscan environment. By laying rugs, area rugs and pillows made of natural fibers such as wool or silk you can further enhance the rustic style of your home.