Turn Your Home Into A Tuscan Style Interior

If you’re looking for a Tuscan decor, there are some common elements you should look out for. Before we start though, let’s quickly discuss what exactly a Tuscan home entails. In the Italian culture, the word ‘tuscan’ means grand or rich, depending on who you ask. What does this mean to us? It means that you can expect a rich, deep and beautiful interior design that will showcase your wealth and style.

tuscan style interior

So how does the Tuscan style decorate? Modern Tuscan style house’s interior is characterized by deep, rich colors, lots of wood details, un-cluttered lines and heavy use of distressed or earth tones. The colors are very deep and have a very dark, almost smoky feel to them. Here’s how the Tuscan style decorates.

Tuscan interior design uses lots of wood. Lots of it! The colors are usually very rich and dark and have that very rustic, earthy feel. Lots of stone detail and mosaic tiles are used in the decor, along with lots of glass and ceramics. The main theme of Tuscan design is that you want your interiors to be eye catching and attention grabbing… with a touch of dark and heavy colors.

Another popular element of the Tuscan style home is that of the Tuscan sun baked floors. This is something that can be very difficult to achieve in today’s home designing trends. With the use of flooring made of cement and other natural stones, this is possible. In addition to that, Tuscan home decor also includes the use of metal carvings and sculptures on the floors. Within Italy many regions have their own unique culture and this is brought out in the designs of their interior designs. Within the interior designs of Tuscan homes, the common thing you will find is that of abundant use of dark colors, rustic benches, and stone walls.

One of the best thing about Tuscan decor ideas is that you are not limited to just one type of color. You can mix and match colors from various parts of the house to get the look you want. You can have Tuscan colors throughout but make sure they are different from each other, such as using light green wallpaper in the kitchen, then having the windows all come in deep, dark browns. Another idea would be to use black, brown, and rust colors on the floor, wall paper, and even on the furniture.

Tuscan decor is best used in a large family home because it really brings out the family dynamics. If you live in a house with a lot of relatives or friends, this particular theme should work well for everyone. However, it is not a good idea to use Tuscan style home interior designs in a one story house because the height can become a problem. Also, you need to make sure that your house is properly accented so that all of the rooms actually come together and make sense. There are many great Tuscan decor ideas for larger homes, such as the use of wrought iron throughout, as well as the use of wood throughout.

Tuscan decor is perfect for a country-style home because it gives the feel of being somewhere deep in nature. This is one of the main reasons that people love Tuscan style decorating ideas so much. The natural elements of the Tuscan landscape lend themselves very nicely to rustic furniture, ceramics, and even wood floors. Adding some natural accents such as wrought iron candle holders and statuary can really add to the effect. Keep in mind that you will not want to overdo it and keep the atmosphere a natural look, otherwise people will be afraid that you are too “rough and ready” for their taste. With a little Tuscany decorating and some carefully selected accessories, you will have a wonderful home that people will enjoy spending time in.

When you begin searching for ideas for decorating your home, you will find that you can turn almost any room of your house into a Tuscan environment. The trick is to find a color scheme that is similar but not identical to what you would find in a typical Tuscan home. For instance, instead of using yellow and orange, you might want to use reds and dark blues instead. By finding a color scheme based on the colors found in nature, you will be able to bring together the elements that you love the most from all of the different Tuscan styles.