Decorating Ideas For a Tuscan Style Living Room

One of the most popular styles of decorating for homeowners today is the Tuscan style. Known for its elegance, beauty, and rustic charm, many people choose to incorporate these elements into their own homes. In order to do so, they must design a home that fits the culture from region to region. Here are some tips and ideas for decorating in the Tuscan style.

tuscan style living room

The first thing that is important when working with this style is the color. Colors that are rich or dark in color are often used to represent the earth, wood, and stone. These colors are also often used to evoke a more romantic feel. For example, one may find warm colors like magenta, oranges, and red being used. These can be used throughout the space in order to add depth.

Elegant Tuscan furniture is also very important. Tables and couches that are straight and sturdy are often used. A pottery style vase or a wall sconce may be used as a center piece on a table. Upholstered pieces may be used on the floor, and even large pieces, such as a grandfather clock, can be hung from the ceiling. As you can see, there are a lot of different options when it comes to upholstery.

When decorating a Tuscan space, you have a lot of options. Because Tuscan furniture is so exquisite, there are a lot of options for wall decor. You can hang mirrors to reflect light and add drama to the room. Think about having a mirror placed above a table, so that a full-length mirror is always visible. Large paintings can also be framed on the wall, and smaller ones can be displayed on the table.

Dishware that is made from copper is very common. Bright bold patterns and bold colors are often used for this type of ware. The shapes are often irregular, so dishes often appear as if they are just randomly formed. Copper is a very beautiful metal that is very appropriate for use in a decorative space. Copper is also one of the most affordable metals available.

Wall paint is often used in a Tuscan decorating scheme. Using colors that are similar to what is found in their history can help bring the room together. Black and orange are often used as contrasting colors, but you can find any color you want to match the walls of your living room.

Natural wood is often used in the flooring of a Tuscan home. Pine is very popular, as is oak. For the walls, they prefer pine, but you will often see dark woods, like cork, used as accents. These can be used in groups, or you can paint them separately if you wish.

When decorating a Tuscan living room, you can use just about any type of material you would like. If you would like to go with an old world style, then use dark woods. If you would like to have a modern look, then use mirrors, or use metal, or even plastic.

Rugs are another way to get the Tuscan look. Floors are often used to spread the color around. Terracotta tiles are also commonly used. Copper is often used for the tops of tables, but not because it is thought of as romantic at all.

Costumes are considered very important when bringing a Tuscan style into your home. Things like long hair and sandals are very traditional and will look great with this type of decor. Floral prints and potted plants are often used throughout the house. Wall paper in the same pattern as the wall colors is often used. If you do not have this in your home, then try to recreate it as much as possible.

Lighting is important for bringing the whole look together. Dark and heavy fixtures are often avoided. Instead, lamps and low wattage lamps are used. mirrors are often used instead of real ones. This brings the whole room together and makes it feel like you are in a cave.

A Tuscan style living room is a dream to decorate. The right colors and accessories can really make this room come alive. Using dark colors, it can seem as though you have taken a cabin in the mountains and turned it into your own living space. This is a wonderful style for anyone wanting to spend time in their favorite genre.