Tuscan Decor Ideas For Your Home

If you have a passion for the look and feel of old world Tuscan decor, then you are definitely going to love some of the different Tuscan decor living room design ideas that are out there. The look is more Mediterranean in its influences from Spain, Italy, and Greece. This includes heavy, dark woods, rustic iron furnishings, and earthy colors like blues and greens. Use these ideas to bring the perfect Tuscan space into your home!

Look to the history of the Tuscan home decor for some great Tuscan decor living room design ideas. First of all, look to the country of Tuscany for some of the most beautiful land and surrounding areas. Think of rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves. The sights can be intoxicating, and you can feel the vibes of this ancient, romantic area every time you walk into your Tuscan home. Imagine walking through an old, sun-drenched farmhouse, smelling the spices and cooking on an old wood-burning stove.

Another one of the wonderful Tuscan decor living room design ideas is the use of old world Italian furniture. Look to the texture of the 18th century for an amazing example of old world Italian furniture. Many of the pieces that are now on the market were actually imported into Italy from various regions of Italy. So, no matter what you choose, you are bound to find pieces that are not only beautiful but also made with age-old techniques of craftsmanship.

Dishware, too, is very important when you are decorating with a Tuscan look. The colors and textures of many Italian dishes can actually be used in their old world Tuscan style. Even the shapes of the plates can be similar to the old Tuscan plates. For instance, there are round and elongated dishes, vase-shaped dishes, and even earthenware dishes. There are even some options for using old world pottery instead of the more common ceramics.

Accessories furniture is an important element when it comes to Tuscan decorating. The right accessories can complete the look that you are going for. Think about using old metal candle holders in the shape of swords and lances, or finding accessories furniture that is intricately carved. These kinds of decorative accessories are an important part of bringing the entire look of the home decorating theme together.

Tuscan decor is not complete without the right lighting and wall decor. A good lighting idea for using in your home decorating theme would be hanging a large ceiling fixture over an open window. The light can be dimmed or turned on for a cozy glow or to give off an extra special touch. A wall sconce in a unique design can be a great accent piece for your Tuscan decor design. With the right combination of old world elements and new Italian style decorating accessories furniture, you can create the perfect space to add your personal touches to.

There are several different ways that you can incorporate the rustic, earthly, and woodsy Tuscan look into your home interior design. Using earth colors, rustic accessories furniture, and earth toned floor coverings such as ceramic tiles, linoleum, or rough wood floors can help bring the Tuscan look into all parts of your home. In addition to using the right accessories furniture, you can bring the Tuscan style decorating to every room in your house. From the kitchen to your living room, you can add a Tuscan accent through the use of earth tones, textures, and colors.

No matter what kind of Tuscan decorating ideas you use in your home, it is important that you bring these types of decorating ideas into every room. The feel of Tuscan home decorating is best brought to life by using dark and heavy unpainted distressed woods along with wood grained plaster. Use dark upholstered pieces, wicker tables, and mismatched rugs to pull the look together. With a little love, and some imagination you can create the perfect Tuscan atmosphere.