Bring Out the Warmth With Tuscan Decor

The Tuscan decor outdoor is growing in popularity throughout the world in recent years because of its simplistic appeal, the warmth emanating from its rich pastel colors and its strong focus on relaxation, a life that only a select few will ever live, yet can all imagine. A long soak in the garden is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work, while enjoying the fresh air and sights of nature that will surround you. Strolling through the countryside past quaint old villages and winding roads takes you back into the time when life was much more simple. The colors are vibrant and life was just a touch easier, no wonder it inspired such a deep and creative art form. The simplicity of the Tuscan decor outdoor combines elements from other styles and brings them together to create a friendly and warm environment that you will want to spend your time in.

The most noticeable thing about the Tuscan environment is the bright and bold colors that are used. The colors are so vivid and exciting, that they will instantly bring a splash of color to your home. One of the most popular colors is sand. This color is common throughout Italy and comes in almost every color of the rainbow. Sand is also used in a lot of accessories to bring a bright and sunny feel to the space. Using a bright red rug for your entrance or wall as well as a large wall hanging filled with photos and tuscan artwork will help bring the color and texture of the area to life.

Orange is another color, you will often see in a Tuscan home. It is a warm and welcoming color, which is what you’re trying to create in your outdoor space. Think about the color of a sand pit in the evening hours and you’ll get a good idea of what orange brings to this type of environment. Another favorite color is fuchsia, which is a deep rich color that will stand out in an area with dark colors. You can add a few accent pieces with this color to really bring out the contrast.

Green is yet another color, you will find used in Tuscan decor. It has a fresh and natural feel to it, which is what you want to create in your outdoor spaces. There are many types of greenery you can incorporate into your space, including plants. Decorating with greenery will bring a lot of the outdoors in, and is definitely a great way to bring out the best in your Tuscan design.

Red is another color, you will find being used in Tuscan design. Its strength comes from the intensity of the color. Think about a deep red rug and you will get an idea of what this brings to the room. Using this color alongside other brighter ones will add even more depth to the space. Be careful not to over do it though, or the space will look cluttered and over done.

Colors like purple and aqua are also common in Tuscan decor. These have a pleasing ethereal quality to them that gives a relaxing feeling to the room. This is perfect for a Tuscan bedroom design, or even a guest room. One thing to keep in mind is that these colors should never be used to define the entire room. Instead, they can be used in several different ways to bring out the various elements of the design.

One other important element of Tuscan decor is furniture. The use of heavy, ornate furniture is very common, as is the use of dark, rich woods. Dark woods like ebony and mahogany are often used to make high shelves, and even some furniture. Wicker is also very popular in the furniture, as it brings out the rustic charm of the area.

In this article we’ve discussed a few important elements of Tuscan decor that you can bring into your own home. By adding a few key pieces of this decor, you can create a wonderful atmosphere for whatever room you decide to decorate. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make your own versions of Tuscan design, it’s really easy to do!