Tuscany Decor Ideas Using Simple Items

One of the most popular design styles for homeowners today is Tuscan decor. The rustic, natural, and Mediterranean feel gives Tuscany an inviting and warm feeling that is very appropriate for many southern-themed kitchens. Even those who may not be used to this style enjoy being in this space. In fact, many people who seek out Tuscan decor find their new kitchen an ideal retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

One thing that is synonymous with this decor is the use of dark and heavy unpainted distressed woods and tiles. These materials are usually found throughout the kitchen in tile forms, on stoves, and even in the backsplash of a sink. However, the particular type of woods and tile used throughout a Tuscan kitchen is very important. Often times these Tuscan spaces are decorated using natural wood as the primary material, but will use other materials like cast iron or copper in the areas where color is most appropriate.

One of the best parts of utilizing this look in your kitchen is that there are so many possibilities for using it. You can choose dark, distressed woods to blend into the rest of the space, or you can opt for a more bright, painted finish on your walls. You can use one or two natural elements, such as distressed woods on the floor, or you can use several different textures and colors. The only limit to your imagination really is your own tastes and your budget. Another great thing about this decor is that the use of colors is very natural and allows you to create just about any color scheme you wish.

Wall paint is very important in bringing this style to life. It is also important to pay special attention to how your pots and pans are situated on the wall. If you use pots and pans that are mismatched and stand out among the rest of the items in the room, it can take away from the whole atmosphere. This is why you should also pay attention to what types of lamps and other accent pieces are used throughout the space.

Accents can be anything from plant stand ornaments to candle holders. You can find many different types and styles to use, and it can complement whatever you have chosen for your Tuscan kitchen. Just remember that a lot of Tuscan decor is focused on dark and heavy woods, so if you have a lot of light in the room, you may want to consider removing or replacing certain accent pieces. In addition, you might want to add in some decorative pieces to the space that aren’t actually part of the kitchen. For instance, a wrought iron pot rack could be used to hold plates, while a rustic wine rack would be nice to store your glasses.

The kitchen is also a great place to use a lot of pottery or tile. This is especially true if you have a large counter space that you want to fill with dishes and other utensils. You can use red and black tiles throughout the space, as well as a couple of T-shaped pans on either side of the sink. This will lend a rustic and country feel to the Tuscany decor.

Dishware that is heavily worn or damaged can be restored or made new in order to give your Tuscan kitchen a whole new look. A metal pot rack is a popular way to display your collection of copper pots and copper baking pans. If you have baking pans or pots that are not used on a daily basis, you can purchase them cheaply and then paint them with a distressed look to give them a worn look. You can also purchase dish cloths in white or black that you can roll up and hang on the walls to freshen up the kitchen as well. This is a perfect way to use a few inexpensive items that can be changed up and give your Tuscan kitchen a fresh and clean look.

You can find many different types of lighting in the Tuscany decor that will also lend a Tuscan feel to the space. Elegant lamps can be placed on end tables and even a couple of standing candles on the table will create an excellent atmosphere for any table conversation. The use of ceramic or terracotta floor tiles can add a rich warmth to any room in the home and can be used in place of concrete or other expensive flooring material. Tuscan kitchen furniture is simple but elegant and can also be used in a modern kitchen where you can still incorporate it into your design.